A Russian military helicopter Mi-8 was shot down while returning from a humanitarian mission to Aleppo.
It is what was communicated by the Russian Defense Ministry.
The three crew members and two officers of the Russian Center for Syrian Reconciliation, were on board the aircraft when it was shot down by enemy fire.
The helicopter was en route to the airbase Khmeimim. The Ministry of Defence points out “that the fate of the crew is clear.”

A few minutes ago, the media branch of al-Fateh Jaysh group published the photos on the net of one of the crew. The man, probably dead, dragged by a group of terrorists screaming near Tal Sultan. According Jaysh al-Fateh it would be the pilot, murdered by terrorists on the ground.

Not the weapon system is still unclear used to shoot down a Russian helicopter, but the Ministry of Defense confirmed the death of the embarked personnel. The Kremlin immediately alerted the Specnaz GRU departments currently under Syrian auspices. All Russian operations planned today in Syria, have been canceled in order to maximize the recovery operations. Hmeymim, Specnaz command in Syria, has been put on high alert.

In Syria, the Russians have deployed between 20 and 35 platforms rotor Mi-28N Mil and Kamov Ka-52, both Hmeymim that in the base of Al-Shayrat, 30 km south-east of Homs. At Hmeymim, the main base of the projection Specnaz in Syria in the coastal province of Latakia, is still present in the bulk of Russian forces rotor composed of the Mi-28N helicopters KA-52.

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It is considered imminent the first raid to recover the bodies, even now, should be in carcass helicopter shot down in the Idlib Governorate.

The order to recover the bodies was issued by the same Putin who authorized a massive deployment of Specnaz Voenno-Morskoj Flot Rossijskoj Federacii supported exclusively by Ka-52 heavy helicopters.

Good Job!!


Passport of pilot: Shelamov Oleg Yurievich from Torzhok, Tverskaya oblast






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