Lebanon – Saudi Arabia dispute #2017

The next "Syrian" scenario could be Lebanon. - The blitz ordered on Saturday November 4 in Riyadh by the hereditary prince Mohammed bin Salman has...

List of armed groups in the Syrian Civil War #2October017

 Syrian Arab Republic and allies Syrian government forces  Syrian Armed Forces  Syrian Arab Army  Republican Guard Lionesses of Defense Armored Battalion 100th Artillery Regiment 101st...

OFFSET Envisions Swarm Capabilities for Small Urban Ground Units

Urban canyons—with their high vertical structures, tight spaces, and limited lines of sight—constrain military communications, mobility, and tactics in the best of times. These...

#Syria #Map


The Myth of Hybrid #War | #IIIWW #russian

Last year’s events in Ukraine and Russia’s actions in Crimea and then developments in eastern Ukraine gave rise in the West to the widespread...


http://www.darpa.mil http://www.arl.army.mil http://www.navysbir.com/ https://www.youtube.com/user/DARPAtv    

Full Text – French declassified intelligence report on Syria gas attacks.

Evidence or hypothesis? PARIS (Reuters) - France concluded after technical analysis of open sources and “reliable intelligence” that a chemical attack on Douma on April...


Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation

Drones Attack Russian Airbase In Syria. Attack on Khmeimim. Briefing of the general staff

The study of drones attacking Russian structures in Syria has shown that they can not be done in craft conditions. The coordinates established in...

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