domenica, gennaio 21, 2018

Three days in Deir ez-Zor. | #Video #Saponkov #syria

First time drone Isis attack, but…. | #video

First time Isis drone attack, but it is a very strange video, in fact the bomb unguided have always been an ugly beast in...

VIDEO Russian ambassador shot dead in Turkey

The Russian ambassador to Turkey was killed after a gunman stormed into an art exhibition he was attending in Ankara, Monday. Turkish journo claims the...

Removal of FIGHTERS in Aleppo #video

Buses and ambulances carrying two groups of militias and members of their families (in the 1st group of 951 and 1,150 the second, different...

The strange #Video of #whitehelmets

Russian MoD Releases Footage of Attacked UN Aid Convoy in Syria’s #Aleppo (VIDEO)

The Russian military unveiled on Tuesday video footage of a UN humanitarian aid convoy that came under attack in Syria, which shows a militants'...

Look how close #ISIS is now to #DeirEzzor air-base. They can monitor every piece...

ISIS eyes Deir Ezzor Airbase after US Airforce raids the Syrian Army  

#American forces are leaving the town of Al Rai #video

The front lines in Aleppo have evolved from the 31-07 to the 04-09 #movie