CyberBerkut (Russian: КиберБеркут, Ukrainian: КіберБеркут)—is a modern organized group of pro-Russian hacktivists.[citation needed] The group became locally known for a series of publicity stunts and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks on Ukrainian government, and western or Ukrainian corporate websites.

WHOIS query reveals that they have been using San Francisco based CloudFlare services via Whois Privacy Corp. registered in Nassau, Bahamas to hide their identity.


The group emerged after the dissolution of special police force “Berkut” that came as a consequence of the violent repression used during the EuroMaidandemonstrations.

Composition is not known, for obvious reasons members of the community tend to remain anonymous, one of many groups visible only insocial networks.

Their proclaimed goals are fighting against neo-fascism, neo-nationalism and arbitrary power in Ukraine.To further this aim, CyberBerkut activists targeted the “Right Sector” IT resources.CyberBerkut’s symbols resemble that of the Anonymous group. The prefix “cyber” probably alludes to working in the cyberspace (the Internet).In fact cyberBerkut only attacks NATO and Nato allies targets.

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