DCleaks is a project from self-described hacktivists which analyzes and releases emails from prominent officials and their agents worldwide.

While DCleaks claims to be American-run, cybersecurity research firm ThreatConnect claims that the project shows the marks of the Russian intelligence, matching the attack pattern of Fancy Bear.

The self-described American hacktivists claim to be motivated by “freedom of speech, human rights, and government of the people.”

The domain name DCleaks.com was created on April 19, 2016.[7] The DCleaks.com website was launched in June 2016. [8]

On June 14, 2016 the press reported that the DNC had been breached for nearly a year, from the summer 2015 and the other in April 2016. And had knocked the attacker out of its network during the weekend of June 11 and 12, 2016.

On July 1, 2016 DCleaks released emails about four-star General Philip Breedlove. Who was until recently the NATO supreme commander in Europe. Those emails allegedly shows that Breedlove plotted in private to overcome President Barack Obama’s reluctance to escalate military tensions with Russia over the war in Ukraine in 2014.

On August 12, 2016 DCleaks released roughly 300 emails from Republican targets. Including the 2016 campaign staffs for Republican Senator John McCain, and 2016 presidential candidate and Republican SenatorLindsey Graham. As well as 2012 presidential candidate and Republican politician Michele Bachmann.

On August 12, 2016 DCleaks released information about more than 200 Democratic lawmakers. Including their personal cellphone numbers.

On August 15, 2016 DCleaks released 2,576 files. Related to George Soros’ various organizations. Predominantly his Open Society Foundation. Including the Foundation internal work plans, strategies, priorities and other worldwide activities by the billionaire Soros.

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