The creation of a flight group intended to assist Italy in the fight against the coronavirus has been completed. The Russian Ministry of Defense reported it today: – “At the Chkalovsky military airport (Moscow region), nine Ilyushin Il-76MD military transport aircraft of the 224th flight detachment were grouped, which last night, together with the related crews were quickly transferred from the regions of Pskov, Ulyanovsk and Orenburg. ” On the orders of Russian President Vladimir Putin, the military department is in fact carrying out an air mission that will deliver eight mobile teams of Russian virologists and military doctors, mobile disinfection systems for vehicles and territories and related medical equipment to Italy.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation announces the following

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has sent to Italy a group of epidemiologists and virologists specialists composed of about 100 people with great practical experience in the fight against the spread of viral infections, in the liquidation of difficult epidemiological situations and in the organization of the disinfection of buildings, structures and water systems.
Russian specialists are equipped with the necessary modern equipment, special means and medicines.

The group is largely composed of leading specialists in their sector who participated directly in the liquidation of anthrax outbreaks, the development of the Ebola vaccine and the plague vaccines.

Major General Sergey Kikot, head of the Russian group of experts, has developed and is a leading expert in the application of the latest models of the special decontamination system. In practice, he played the role of organizer of the work in complex epidemiological conditions during the explosion of anthrax cases, the liquidation of the consequences of floods.

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Among Russian specialists, Lieutenant Colonel Gennadiy Eryomin eminent scientist from the Center for Scientific Research, PhD in medicine. Expert in the organization and implementation of anti-epidemiological measures. He has experience in the fight against very dangerous diseases such as African swine fever and foot-and-mouth disease.

Lt. Col. Vyacheslav Kulish, who is part of the group, is a specialist in the field of defense against viral biological agents. He has participated in the development of Ebola vaccines and plague medicines. Expert in the field of virology, organization and implementation of decontamination and anti-epidemiological measures.

The group also includes Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Yumanov, professor of the Military Academy of Medicine “S.M. Kirov ”, PhD in medicine. In 2019 he participated in the exercises in India of the MEDEX-2019 military medical services of the ASEAN Member States and dialogue partners in the “ADMM plus” format dedicated to anti-epidemic activities during natural disasters and in emergency situations. He participated, as a member of the group of military specialists, in the organization of the mobile hospital in the international program to combat Ebola.

Also part of the group is the scientist-epidemiologist, medical colonel, PhD in medicine Alexey Smirnov. Author of more than 70 scientific papers dedicated to research in the field of epidemiology and prevention of current infectious diseases. He personally participated in the development of the Ebola vaccine.

Overall, this was obviously fun.

1. The opportunity is threatened by the military for the acquisition of practical experience in the fight against the epidemic in a new area. The military eat pragmatists, they even consider me the situation with the epidemic as a training ground for practical experience. A poetic, bad. Syria from the Ministry of Defense of the RF has also been taken into consideration, also in this sense.

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2. A purely humanitarian reason to help the victims proclaimed by countries like China, Cuba, Venezuela. Therefore, it is my duty to focus on the fact that I am living in these countries, and not on the behavior of the monster, where history with the trial and fate of the masters in other countries has been particularly unpleasant.

3. Political subtitles: by providing assistance to Italy, the Russian Federation continues to “play in contrast”, fueling the Italian border in relation to the European regulatory policy against Russia. Of course, this assistance will increase the population of the Russian Federation in Italy (without the higher cost) and strengthen the position of those forces that support the revocation of the tax. “The attempt is not torture.” I do not believe faithfully that Italy is about to revoke the law, but who knows.


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