The author of the Telegram channel “Joker DNR” in a few months, managed to become the most discussed figure in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

He brought all the Ukrainian special services into hysteria.

From 21 October 2019 he publishes classified information on his Telegram channel, whose appearance in the public domain not only reveals and interrupts the Ukrainian punishment plans in the Donbass, but also demonstrates the real situation of the Ukrainian army.

It is certainly an infiltrated network at all levels in Ukraine, it is not the usual Russian hacker.

One expelled from some magic circle?

“Joker” publishes everything, names of the military with their telephone number, satellite maps with the deployment of units, the Ukrainian army weapons available, lists of personnel, resources used, instructions, directives and other documents that are not clearly intended for a large audience.

Donbass supporters admit that a similar source has long been lacking.
Official sources so far prefer not to comment on the activities of the “Joker DPR”.

The style of the canal is mocking-postmodern.

And as his photograph, he exhibits the Joker himself.

He laughs a lot, juggles with words and generally self-confident.

Here is an example of his prose:
“A few days ago I received interesting information from the Dark Knight. I’ve always known that Batman is as crazy as I am and that we can be on the same side in organizing controlled chaos.
The information at first glance seemed too strange, even fantastic. But some of my spies believe it’s true. In the next few days I will finish its verification and, if confirmed, I will publish it.
The Ukrainian secret services are doing something bad. But I’m generous and I’ll tell you about their plans.
They are alpha and omega! They are everywhere and nowhere! I am always near you and always far away. I’m a JOKER! Believe me and love me !!
Ha ha ha ha ha ha …. “

From his interviews, it appears that he is only interested in “clowns who have now come to power in Ukraine”, with the intention of destroying them. He does not believe in strength, but in intelligence, knowledge and above all in disclosure.

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When the “Zelensky clown” won the election, he started creating a spy system in various militarized structures by collecting information.

When he realized that he could control everything, he decided to disclose the information to the world. However, it appears that he passed the information on to the pro-Russian Donbass.

He chose Telegram to publish the data collected for his safety.

The sources, recruits them “from handbook”.

” I have many sources, but the most interesting data are brought by my spies, who are in the structures of power. Not everyone can become a spy. A spy must be an intelligent and determined person. In power structures, these people always feel undervalued, which makes recruiting easier. Each of them can be convinced that his boss is a nullity who treats him like a slave. To this I add admiration for his work on my part and, “voila” – the person receives recognition and praise from me, after which he wants to work for me. Especially if this work is related to revenge against their authors. Of course, not for free. Of course, there are ideological ones who do not want to serve the new government, but such a minority.
Even among my sources there are anonymous names that help me, for the sake of their career ambitions.
For example the subordinate (spy) of someone who is losing documents, after publication, his boss receives a penalty, this spy takes the place of his boss and continues to want more. I don’t care what drives these people, for me I’m a tool. ” (


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