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  • Assad’s Crackdown on Corruption
    Posted by Minnesota-tan on 23 giugno 2017 at 21:12

    A few days ago, al-Assad made a statement to all his ministers and others in high up positions who believed themselves to be above the law. “Every official who walks the streets in a parade with bodyguards is a coward with an inferiority complex. Every official’s son who blocks streets with his car and his … Continue reading &rarr […]

  • Qatar and the ‘Diplomatic Meltdown’
    Posted by Minnesota-tan on 6 giugno 2017 at 6:39

    What’s likely happening is Qatar has had to come to an agreement with Iran to supply their shared offshore gas reserve (North Dome/South Pars) to Indian and Chinese markets, and abandon the Syrian gas pipeline extension to Europe via Syria. Qatar and Iran are essentially producing out of the same massive offshore reserve in the … Continue reading &rarr […]

  • Debunked French faggotry report
    Posted by Minnesota-tan on 26 aprile 2017 at 23:13

    >French ‘inteligence’ beats UK’s “planes take off and fly” release CW report to blame Assad. The report compares 2013 attack that reads: sarin filled hand grenades dropped from a helicopter, Syria denined Report refuses to acknowlege IS ties, nor jihadists using chemical weapons against kurds in Aleppo & elsewhere http://undocs.org/A/67/997 , page 30-37 http://www.diplomatie.gouv.fr/fr/dossiers-pays/syrie/evenements/actualites-2017/article/attaque-chimique-en-syrie-declaration-de-jean-marc-ayrault-a-l-issue-du-conseil … Went through … Continue reading &rarr […]



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