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Saudi frigate targeted by anti-ship missile NOOR off the coast of #Yemen. #analysis


Saudi Al Madinah-class frigate targeted by anti-ship missile off the coast of Yemen

An Al Madinah-class light missile frigate of the Saudi Arabian Navy was targeted by an anti-ship missile fired by the Houthis off the coast of Yemen.




It targeted the Yemeni army and People’s Committees naval force, on Monday, warship belonging to the forces of the US-Saudi aggression, off the coast of Hodeidah they are targeting civilians and civilian facilities after violating the sovereignty of Yemen.

The Yemeni military source pointed out that the target was a guided missile, explaining that the bombing of warship is part of the battle waged by the army and people’s committees in the western coasts of the country.

The military source revealed that the target warship off the western coast of Saudi Arabia and its name, “city”, pointing out that the barge was being infected with high accuracy after a thorough monitoring process off the western coast.

He said that Saudi Arabia barge was carrying 176 soldiers and officers and a helicopter, stressing that they participated in the aggression against the western coasts, cities and fishermen.

The navy and coastal defense and the Yemeni Coast Guard, had warned in January 21 th, battleships aggression from the use of the international corridor to bomb civilian targets. She said in a statement, “The barges are used aggression international corridors to bomb civilian targets posing a major threat to international navigation in the Red Sea.”

Navy coastal defense and confirmed the Coast Guard readiness to respond to any shelling from warships alliance of aggression under any circumstance. Merchant ships also warned the international traffic in the corridor, but after running the international dating your own safety.

The missile force of the army and people’s committees targeted in October / October last Emirati military barge belonging to the forces of the Saudi aggression while trying to advance towards the coast of Mokha what led to the complete destruction.

This is the seventh warship, engaged in the flames of Yemen, these details of the battleships that have been targeted tribes have the Army and People’s Committees Champions.
– The first barge on 07/10/2015 off the coast of Bab al-Mandab
– 10.10.2015 on the second barge off the coast of Mokha
– Third barge on 25/10/2015 off the coast of Mokha.
– On the fourth warship off the coast of 07/11/2015 Mokha.
– Barge fifth on 12/05/2015 off the coast of Mokha.
– Barge sixth on 10/01/2016 off the coast of Mokha.
– In addition to the destruction of three gunboats at varying times.

It should be noted that the strength of marine poll monitors all Yemeni coast stands lookout for anyone trying to get close to the coast of Yemen and the violation of sovereignty.


mode of attack

Probably with missile C-802 anti-ship, supplied to the Houthi forces.
Previously, for the first attack against HSV-2 Swift, end September 2016 Houthis said they have used a C-802 anti-Chinese ship missile system designed to conduct the attack. His long-range missiles are designed to home on surface vessels and inflict devastating damage. With a range of 120 kilometers (about 75 miles), the missiles would put a considerable stretch of the area surrounding the straits of Bab el-Mandeb connecting the Red Sea with the Gulf of Aden in the line of fire. More important for the UAE, however, the missiles could reach Assab and naval base that is being built just north of the port. If such missiles were delivered the Houthis, the most likely supplier would be Iran, which purchased C-802 missiles from China and produced its own variant, the Noor.

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The missile is probably of Iranian manufacture.

The Iranian version of the Chinese C802, named Noor / Quader is intended for a “pocket” of launch and control system, it can be transported, it launched, led by a civilian truck




The missile is probably of Iranian manufacture.

The Iranian version of the Chinese C802, named Noor / Quader is intended for a “pocket” of launch and control system, it can be transported, it launched, led by a civilian truck



To buy it you can go here, there is also an order form, apparently to expedite the delivery time.


Noor - Anti Ship Missile Catalog



See 50 sec:




Navy:  702 Al Madinah

Type: Frigate

Class: Al Madinah

Made in France


LENGTH: 115.00m
BEAM: 12.50m


STANDARD:2000 tons
FULL LOAD:2610 tons



4 SEMT-Pielstick 16PA 6BTC diesel engine
SPEED:30.0 knots
RANGE / ENDURANCE:8000nm @ 15kts






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