• The Cult of "Geniuses"
    Posted by Anastasia on 15 agosto 2018 at 16:36

    In the world of "economic science" some "gods" appeared, which can be worshiped, but with whom one can not argue, who can not even be suspected of any mistakes and errors. People who engage in "economic science" acquire the status of "genius" and even "god" after they receive the title of Nobel laureate in economics. Until then, the correctness of such people can be questioned, they can be argued and they can be refuted. […]

  • The Aktau Summit signed the Convention on the Legal Status of the Caspian Sea
    Posted by Anastasia on 15 agosto 2018 at 15:54

    In Kazakhstan's Aktau on August 12, a historic event took place - the leaders of the Caspian countries agreed on how to divide the largest on the planet sea that does not have access to the World Ocean. […]

  • Duncan Whitmore: Economic Myths #11 – The Mixed Economy
    Posted by Anastasia on 15 agosto 2018 at 15:44

    The world’s political systems today are, generally, neither fully despotic on the one hand nor completely free on the other. Instead, most of us languish under so-called “social democracy”, a curious mixture in which a degree of sovereignty in the form of voting rights reside in the citizenry while political leadership and control remains distinct in the form of various functionaries such as Presidents, Prime Ministers, Congressmen and Members of Parliament. […]

  • Andy Duncan: Hans-Hermann Hoppe: A Unified Theory of Everything
    Posted by Anastasia on 14 agosto 2018 at 11:18

    I possess three brain cells. One is concerned with food and beer, particularly Sam Adams light, the black stuff from Guinness, and any full strength export lager originating from Sweden. The second brain cell is concerned with personal visions of a possible future in a couple of thousand years. The third brain cell, God bless it, is concerned with music, philosophy, chess, politics, writing, art, fine Pinot Noir wine, provocative Stilton cheese, good conversation, and, when it has the chance, the brown-eyed charms of Penelope Cruz. […]

  • Ilana Mercer: Obama Ignores Genocide In South Africa
    Posted by Anastasia on 14 agosto 2018 at 11:11

    Once upon a time there were two politicians. One had the power to give media and political elites goosebumps. Still does. The other causes the same dogs to raise their hackles. The first is Barack Hussein Obama; the second Vladimir Putin. The same gilded elites who choose our villains and victims for us have decided that the Russian is the worst person in the world. BHO, the media consider one of the greatest men in the world. […]



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