### Pakistan is providing air support to Taliban fighters in Panjshir, sources said, adding that some Special Forces have been airdropped to fight the Resistance.


### MAP

### Fahim Dashti was killed by smart drone of Pakistan Air Force.

###  Pakistani drones starts bombarding #Panjshir Panjshir being bombed by Pakistan Air Force drones using smart bombs.

### The NRF resistance forces of the Panjshir have suffered a severe blow. In addition to spokesman Fahim Dashty, formidable commanders such as Gul Haider Khan, Munib Amiri, general Woodoad, nephew of Ahmad Shah Massoud were killed

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### AhmadMassoud says he is ready for talks with the #Taliban If the Taliban stop the operation, they are ready to stop the attacks

In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate

Make up your mind to be close to the pious!

The Afghan National Resistance Front welcomes the majority of the articles of the “Afghan Ulema” resolution, which was issued in Kabul on 14 September this year to “immediately end the war” and is pleased that the country’s ulema and clerics have not remained indifferent to the current situation. They are working for peace and security. The National Resistance Front proposes the following in order to conclude the legitimate and reasonable levels mentioned in the said declaration and to facilitate the requirements of national peace and security in the country:

The National Resistance Front agrees in principle with resolving the current problems and the immediate cessation of hostilities and the continuation of the negotiation process, and hopes that the Taliban will respond to the request of the clerics and take practical steps. The National Resistance Front is ready to immediately end the war in order to achieve lasting peace, if the Taliban end their attacks and military operations in Panjshir and Andarab, and hopes to hold a comprehensive meeting with scholars and reformers. Continue conversations.

The National Resistance Front fully supports the call of the clerics to lift the sanctions imposed on Panjshir and hopes that the Taliban group will take this Islamic and humanitarian demand seriously and implement it.

The people of Afghanistan are overwhelmingly Muslim, and the struggles and sacrifices of the people of Panjshir, Andarab, Parwan, Kapisa, and other provinces and regions of Afghanistan over the past forty years are for the establishment of a true Islamic system and a servant of the sun. Therefore, there is no religious, human or logical reason why the Taliban group, which claims to be fighting for the establishment of the Islamic system, in Panjshir, Andarab, Parwan, Kapisa or other parts of the country where the word of God is prevalent, Azan Mohammadi daily from All mosques will be declared to Jahr, and the people will stand firm in the performance of their religious duties and rituals. The National Resistance Front proposes that the Taliban stop its military operations in Panjshir, Andarab, Parwan and Kapisa and withdraw its forces from Panjshir and Andarab. In return, the National Resistance Front will direct its forces to refrain from military action.

The National Resistance Front declares that the Taliban’s attack on areas whose people do not trust their rule according to the Taliban’s record is against the law. The National Resistance Front is committed to resolving disputes with the Taliban peacefully in accordance with religious and moral principles, and is confident that it can negotiate peacefully with the Taliban and the rest of the guilds and groups representing the Afghan people in various ways. Reach understandings that all groups and strata of the country find themselves in the mirror and are interested and committed to its establishment and promotion.

Peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings

Afghanistan National Resistance Front Center  پنجشیر


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4/09/ 2021

4/09/ 2021

Taliban blocked



4/09/ 2021

Amrullah Saleh personally led one of the groups of fighters from the Resistance Front

When the Taliban passed through Dashtaak, a unit under the command of the former vice president monitored their movements from the command heights and at the moment of the attack opened a dagger flanking fire on the group that had entered the valley.

It is also reported that separate groups of the Unit Front were stationed below, in the valley, launching an attack at extremely close range under cover of fire from the mountain ranges that border the valley.

Now the peak of the intensity of the fighting is for the most part behind us, the Taliban group is dispersed. According to the source, the Resistance Front command will take about two hours to clean up the remaining enemy forces in the valley. They say there will be many prisoners

Source: Sputnik Afghanistan




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