July 30 2016, the military frontier theoretical, Qiao Liang author of “War masterpiece without restrictions and against war without restrictions proposed a new edition of the text, reformulating some key concepts

From the “new war and anti war transfinite transfinite war Chinese put forward the concept of” how to deal with the Americans

Author: Qiao Liang, Wang Xiangsui

What is the American way of making a profit? August 15, 1971, former U.S. President Barack Nixon announced the U.S. dollar and gold decoupling, this event makes the American way of making a very profound change in the way. Americans can actually benefit from the whole world by printing green paper, which is the dollar. Americans since found such a way to make a profit, most Americans are beginning to took off his clothes, put on a suit, 70% of the working population to banking and financial services industry, led to most of the manufacturing industry is not a man to do. Even as the US labor costs are getting higher and higher, the employers can’t afford to pay the workers.

The only option for the US is to turn to the alternative. In the past thirty years, a large number of turning to China, which is also a major cause of economic relations between China and the United States are bound to each other. The United States a large number of manufacturing industries to China, China’s exports of a large number of the United States, the result is a large amount of U.S. dollars to china. The dollar flows to China, in the Chinese people left hand down to the right hand and then through the purchase of U. S. treasury bonds back to the United States, and then, Americans take the money borrowed from the Chinese people, once again to buy Chinese products, thus forming a very unique economic ties between China and the United states.

When the Americans keep manufacturing transferring out, in fact, inevitably will face a problem, is of American industry hollow. Americans believe that, since he can easily use financial instruments to profit, so he certainly needs to promote globalization. In order to let the dollar in every corner of the world to plunder the wealth. So, how do you think about globalization? Many of our government officials and scholars are saying: globalization is the trend of history, can not be blocked.

But in fact, globalization is not a historical trend, but only the United States to $globalization made a movement, he wants to the outward transfer of his factory, at the same time to $output, which requires all over the world to become his home, both to catch the factory for OEM, also accept the dollar, US dollar as the reserve currency of their own.

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Finally, we all work for the United States, our products are produced, sold cheap to Americans, we earn the dollar to be again lent to americans.

This kind of profit led to the change of American style of war, why did the Americans in the past 20 years to fight four wars? None of the four wars is a war, and almost every war, not in the core of the geopolitical, capital of the most concentrated parts of the fight, but in the edge of the concentration of capital. Do it in this way.In order to shake the capital through the war, so that the capital due to panic flow up, the ultimate goal is to allow the capital to return to the United states. This is the purpose of the war in the United States, but also his new way of war.

Some people do not understand why the U.S. dollar and the U.S. military relations so close, they do not have their own political interests, geopolitical interests or other interests? There are, of course, but careful study we will find that all of these benefits can be measured in dollars, so those interests are ultimately expressed as financial interests. So why in the minds of Americans, the financial interests of the most important? This is because,Fight the United States is used to drive capital and change the investment environment in the world, through such means to capital thrust to the United States, to ensure that US capital account surplus.

Since the United States continued to export the dollar to make it the world’s largest trade deficit country, about about 700000000000 U.S. dollars a year from around the world into the country, now requires nearly $1 trillion. And the investment environment in the United States and unlike his propaganda so good, the industry has hollow, large capital inflows this country doesn’t bring in huge returns for investors, he why attract global capital flows into the United States it? So,America will let other local turbulence generated by means of war, only the United States is safe, investors will be taking into account the factors of the investment environment in the first security issues, from the unsafe area withdraw capital, and retreated to the most powerful military in the country, which is also the most security of the United States. The United States is very good at using the military to launch a war to achieve this purpose.

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All this will certainly lead to changes in the pattern of war. Because asTerritorial war is completely not a concept for capital.War form as a result of the U.S. financial hegemony of the reasons for change, in fact, the U.S. military, the U.S. war has become a major U.S. financial strategy and the way to gain a servant.American soldiers and not finished a battle the triumphant return of the homecoming hero, but only to American interests and financial capitalists completed the one thing needs to be done.But in terms of financial or military, the United States does have a strong place. We must, as Chairman Mao said, “in the tactical importance of the enemy, in contempt of the enemy”, we must pay attention to and dare to defy, these two must be combined in our mind at the same time.

The U.S. is strong, but there are many shortcomings and weaknesses.For example, the U.S. military today is strong because of its powerful information, the U.S. military almost all of the weapons have been carried out on the transformation of information, perhaps in itself is a weapon of information. In this case, there is no doubt that there is a gap between us and the u.s.. However, information is the most advantageous place, is also his most soft place. Because, the U.S. military is built on the strong information, which means that its powerful is built on a small chip. The chip is extremely fragile, there is no chip can withstand the electromagnetic pulse bomb. If we can find more similar to the weapons, you can save a lot of resources, with smaller cost to deal with our opponents, so as not to follow in the footsteps of us behind.

What we should do is, the U.S. military and some I may not have to have, the U.S. military did not, I must have. I have some U. S. troops did not, it is possible to win the machine. If we put more effort into control information and space in the U.S., then other aspects we can easily and become a rally. For example,If we are really in the fight against the US, we just need to destroy the space system. Because the USA Today offensive weapon all have to rely on the space-based information support system, we just let us lose the ability to support this, its overall capacity will be reduced to the “World War II” level.At this time, the main factors to determine the success of the: first, the number, the two is brave. And we don’t lack both.


Brief introduction to the content of “out of the limit war”


“Unrestricted warfare” is a frontier military theorist, famous military commentator Joe good major general and he co authored masterpiece, the book due to the accurate prediction of the “9 – 11” incident, in the United States and Western caused a sensation, have been published in Japan, Italy, France, Britain, such as traditional Chinese eight versions, selling 100 million. Is the United States Military Academy at West Point for students reading books, listed by the United States Naval Academy for a formal teaching, is director of the Italian Army Rimini will call for contemporary military classic. In recent years, some important points in the book has been written in the latest U.S. military doctrine.

The new revised edition “unrestricted warfare and unrestricted warfare — Chinese proposed new war view Americans how to deal with” in retaining the original unrestricted warfare, the first assembly of the concrete measures for the US military, government, academic circles and the business community deal with unrestricted warfare, unrestricted warfare with the United States anti unrestricted warfare strategy fully show China’s new war view, foreseeing the future across the military, economic, financial, network, resources, counter-terrorism and other fields of full range war picture.

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Author introduction

Liang Chow

Professor at National Defense University, major general of the air force. China’s frontier military theorist, a famous military writer, air force member of the Committee of experts, rocket army military theory advisory expert group members, CCTV “lecture room” speaker. In 1999, he and Wang Xiangsui co authored the military theory book “out of the limit” published, the book as a result of accurate prediction of the “9 – 11” incident, the United States and the West caused by vibration. The United States Military Academy at West Point and the United States Naval Academy were listed for students reading list and a formal teaching, is director of the Italian Army Rimini will call for contemporary military classic. In recent years, some important points in the book has been written in the latest U.S. military doctrine.

He a retired Air Force colonel. Professor, Beihang University, director of the center for strategic studies. Vice president of the national security policy committee of the China Policy Science Research Institute; Deputy Secretary General of China CITIC reform and development research foundation.





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